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Facilities Use Application


It will be confirmed or denied within 15 business days. Submit at least 15 days prior to date(s) desired. Be sure to review the Rules and Regulations before submitting the application (scroll to the bottom to read). To check for date/facility availability be sure to look at the Facility Availability Calendar.

 Form is submitted to the Facilities Director.



We request the following facilities at OIC of Washington
We request the following space/equipment

Please contact the Facilities Director for lease option.

INDEMNIFICATION & LIABILITY: OIC of Washington shall not be liable for any injury to, or death of, any person or for any loss of or damage to any property occurring upon the rented premises from any cause whatsoever. Applicant will defend, indemnify and hold OIC of Washington harmless from all loss, damage, liability or expense resulting from any actual or alleged injury to or death of, any person or from any actual or alleged loss or damage to any property caused by or resulting from any act or omission of the Applicant or any officer, agent, employee, guest, invitee or visitors of the Applicant. Applicant shall, at its own expense, maintain liability insurance with an insurance company acceptable to OIC of Washington with at least $300,000 single limit liability coverage for both personal injury and property damage. OIC of Washington shall be named as an additional insured on such policy and shall be furnished a copy of such policy upon OIC of Washington’s request.

All applicants may be held responsible for any expenses incurred by OIC of Washington arising from the use of a facility. In the event of damage, each applicant agrees to pay promptly OIC of Washington’s statement of amount due.

I have read the rules and regulations printed on the reverse side of this application/contract, reviewed the facility specific guidance (if applicable) and agree to comply with them when using OIC of Washington facilities.

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Rules and Regulations For Facilities USE

  1. OIC of Washington facilities may be used for open meetings subject to the policies of OIC of Washington. OIC of Washington activities shall have priority over community requests for facility use.
  2. Applications shall be submitted to OIC of Washington’s Facilities Director. The Facilities Director will notify the Chief of Building and Technology of the request and they shall determine the availability of facilities requested space according to the schedule and acquaint the applicant with the existing policies, regulations, and service charges. The request will be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer who is authorized to approve or deny applications. Applications requiring facility charges shall be approved by the Chief Executive Officer according to the prevailing fee schedule and must be received at least fifteen (15) days prior to use.
  3. A single application may be made for a series of meetings of like character. Facilities used shall be limited to those specified on the approved application.
  4. OIC of Washington reserves the right to cancel any permit, and refund the unearned portion of any payment made, when it deems such action is in the best interest of OIC of Washington.
  5. The applicant shall give at least a two-day notice to the Facilities Director of any cancellation of previously scheduled facility use. In case of failure to do so, OIC of Washington will charge for expenses incurred.
  6. OIC of Washington reserves the right to reject any application when it believes it would be more appropriate that a commercial facility be used.
  7. Satisfactory sponsorship and adequate adult supervision, including police and fire protection surveillance, where necessary, shall be required for all activities.
  8. An OIC of Washington employee may be present at all times when an OIC facility is in use by any group, and the employee will be responsible for closing and securing the building after use.
  9. Facilities will not be made available for any use which might result in undo damage or wear.
  10. Prior to leaving the building, groups shall be responsible to clean up and put in order those areas used by them.
  11. Use of kitchen and kitchen equipment will be permitted only when supervised by approved OIC personnel, or otherwise approved in advance.
  12. OIC of Washington furniture or equipment shall not be removed from facilities to which they belong except by authorized OIC personnel.
  13. Gym shoes are required for activity type games such as basketball, volleyball, etc., on gymnasium floor.
  14. Prior approval will be required before decorations or other materials may be applied to walls or floors. Applicants are required to remove, at their expense, decorations, tape, materials, equipment, furnishing, or rubbish left after use of facilities. Lit candles or combustibles materials are not permitted.
  15. Keys to building or facility requested will not be issued to any individual or group for entering the building for meetings or social gatherings. Doors will be opened by maintenance crew or other OIC personnel.
  16. Community dances in OIC of Washington facilities for revenue-raising purposes, must be pre-approved.
  17. The rental of portable toilets will be required for use of outdoor facilities.
  18. Games of chance and lotteries will not be allowed in OIC of Washington facilities.
  19. There will be NO substance use including tobacco or alcohol; no food is allowed in classrooms or in computer labs or around computers.
  20. Adult leaders of organizations using OIC of Washington facilities shall remain with their groups throughout their meetings and be responsible to the maintenance supervisor. An orientation meeting with the maintenance supervisor may be required in order to familiarize the applicant with that facility’s policy, regulations, and procedures.
  21. All applicants may be held responsible for any expenses incurred by OIC of Washington arising from the use of the facility.
  22. In the event of damage, each applicant agrees to pay promptly OIC of Washington’s statement of the amount due.
  23. Use fees shall be paid in accordance with the prevailing schedule and OIC of Washington policies. Additional charges may be made for custodians, technology, and supervisors, when the use necessitates payment of salaries beyond regular hours.
  24. All charges shall be paid to OIC of Washington’s Accounting office.
  25. A charge shall be made for use of special equipment such as public address systems, projectors, and stage equipment. No OIC of Washington equipment shall be removed from a facility without prior approval from the Chief Executive Officer.

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