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What Is Credit?

A person's ability to borrow money or to obtain goods for later repayment is based on the person's creditworthiness and reliability.  Credit is a valuable financial asset to purchase a car, home, business, getting a job, or obtaining a degree.

How is Credit used?

Who Looks At Your Credit?

Making Good Credit Habits

Know Your Credit Profile

Pulling a credit report at least months before applying for a job provides time to build credit and correct and update information. A credit report is your financial resume.  It is your financial reputation with the world.

What Is A Credit Report?

Where Can I Get My Credit Report?

TransUnion: 888-397-3742

Equifax: 800-685-1111

Experian: 800-888-4213

Is Something Incorrect on Your Credit Report?

Write A Dispute Letter that includes:

What is a Credit Score?

Credit Scores range from 300 to 850 depending on the credit bureau used. The credit score tells lenders how likely you are to default on a loan.  The HIGHER the number the better the risk you are.  By understanding how credit scores work, you can figure out what lenders are looking for and how you can improve your credit score. Improve your score by paying bills on time, securing a credit card, using it wisely, and paying your credit card off in a timely manner.

Credit Score

More Information About Credit Counseling


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